Tips To Ensure Digestive Distress Does Not Ruin Your Ramadan

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During the holy month of Ramadan, digestive issues can be put at the forefront due to the types of foods we choose, how fast we eat them, and the lack of sufficient chewing.

To avoid the digestive issues there are many steps you can take to ensure that digestive distress does not ruin your Ramadan this year. They are simple and can make a large difference if it is done consistently;

First drink water as water is needed for digestion. Chew your food well; this will enable the body to do less work. Eat in a calm and relaxed manner. Do not combine carbohydrates and proteins.

People with digestive issues find this combination difficult to digest. The classic example is beans.

Start with a salad. Salad prepares the digestive tract to work. Take a full spectrum enzyme supplement right before your meal (make sure it is vegetarian).

Avoid overcooked food, black tea, coffee and soda as these are diuretics. Have a cup of chamomile or mint tea after your meal. This will help ease digestion.

There are many reasons for symptoms associated with digestive problems. Some of the most common are: Food allergies/sensitivities - Leaky gut - Poor quality of gut flora - Insufficient digestive enzymes - Low hydrochloric acid (stomach acid)

Without proper digestion, there cannot be health. Not only is the health of the gut important for commonly known reasons, but the digestive tract is also home to a large part of the immune system.

During the holy month of Ramadan, we are given a wonderful opportunity to allow the body to heal and carry out functions that it wasn't able to carry out due to excessive eating and digestion.

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