Without Gravity ... (Ramadan Countdown - 4)

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By Abdel-Rahman Mussa

Shuttles require so much force in order for them to leave earth's gravity.

But the question is: Once they're out of earths gravity, what then?

And how does this relate to Ramadan?

Gravity is the friction of Satan whispering to you, day in and day out, in this constant war. Limiting your resources, limiting your time and limiting your aspirations.

In Ramadan though, the devils are chained. But is a frictionless state enough for success?

Imagine, if you would, an object in outer space. Just an object floating about, without propulsion, without the ability to move. There's no gravity, but it, ironically, remains still none-the-less.

Part of the importance of taking off is creating enough momentum for this shuttle to continue it's trajectory once it's into outer space… and yet, we Muslims who know that we are coming up to a zero gravity space, we don't build up that momentum before hand.

So we try to fire our engines on day one… but they're not warmed up fully, or maybe they are, but they don't have enough fuel (coupled with a lack of momentum) to last for 30 or so days, so a few days later, we're floating about in outer space.

But there's more.

Gravity isn't just Satan and his minions. Friction exists within.

As the shuttle rises, it sheds weight and fuel, unable to sustain such weight as it rises. Yet we enter into Ramadan having not shed any bad habits, having not warmed up our muscles for the run ahead, having not emptied our diaries for the occasion to come.

So what's the solution?

Expend 60-80% of your energy before you enter zero-gravity. Hit the floor running as they say. Everything that you would have done in Ramadan, start doing it now. This is energy management.

How many times do you want to have read the Quran in Ramadan? Read half of what you would have read in Ramadan now… before Ramadan.

How many nafl (supererogatory) prayers did you want to pray in Ramadan on a daily basis? Start now.

Start fasting Mondays and Thursdays now. It can be quite a shock on the system to start fasting cold turkey for 30 days. Most people feel lethargic and tired for the first few days and it's going to be more so as we fast in summer. So get warmed up, make sure that you hit Ramadan with some of Ramadan's habits already in play.

Do you want to give to charity this Ramadan? Start now with the intention of warming up for Ramadan. It confuses me utterly when people withhold charity, waiting for Ramadan. It is not the amount! It's the quality. And what guarantee do you have that you'll live to Ramadan?

Start now.

Allah will not betray you. He will open more doors of khair (goodness) for you. He will bring you wealth just so that you can spend it. He will take whatever wealth you have and multiply it by His Grace as per your intentions.

Stop thinking in scarcity mode. Allah is the infinite.

Source: The Ramadan Countdown – http://theramadancountdown.wordpress.com

Abdel-Rahman Mussa is an emerging Manchester based speaker. He graduated from the European Institute for Humanitarian Studies with an undergraduate degree in Shariah. He has strong community connections, and has served as the Head of the Muslim Association of Britain Youth Department for 2 years and is the chair of the biggest Muslim Scouts group in the United Kingdom.

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